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Our Partners

Chase Raffield

Patients Choice Medical

Chase has been an active advocate for several of our clients. Specializing in custom power and manual wheelchairs, he provides a crucial service to many of our less mobile seniors. Chase is a diligent worker committed to doing whatever he can to meet the needs of each individual. If you or someone you know is in need of any type of wheelchair, give Chase a call to learn more about how he can guide and assist you.

Angelica Angel

Angel’s Multiservices & Insurance, LLC

Angie, like all our partners, has a true servant’s heart.  She is passionate about helping others to any extent she can.  Her business, Angel’s Multiservices & Insurance, offers an array of services to their clients including auto, property, and commercial insurance, worker’s compensation, general liability insurance, notary services, tax filing, accounting, immigration paperwork, interpreting, business services, and money transfers.  Being bilingual in English and Spanish, her focus is primarily on assisting the Hispanic and Latino community.  We are excited to have her as a partner who can further support us in serving our Spanish speaking clients with their life and health insurance needs.  For more information about Angel’s Multiservices & Insurance, click here.

Sean Bewick

Disability Lawyer

Sean is one of the first people to assist many of our disabled clients before we ever get to help them ourselves.  Sean specializes in medical denials of social security benefits, personal injury and bankruptcy.  He is responsible for getting many of our clients eligible for Medicare in the first place.  If you know someone struggling to get their social security benefits started early due to a disability, Sean would love to be their advocate!

Sara Whitten

Pentatonic Therapies

Music therapy has been proven to be beneficial for all ages, especially seniors. Music therapists use songs with distinctive themes, lyrics, instruments, and rhythms to help participants relax. This slows down the heart rate and lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol. The effect causes seniors to feel calmer and physically more capable of relaxing. It can also improve memory and cognitive skills which can be especially beneficial in individuals struggling with dementia and other forms of memory loss. For more information about Sara and her services, click here.