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About Us

Since 2013, EPIC Health Advisors has been helping individuals across Georgia and the Southeast.

Originally founded by Kristi Southerland, EPIC has grown into a select group of independent agents whose primary focus has always been on meeting the needs of an individual in every area possible to help them achieve their best health physically, socially, and emotionally. With our various backgrounds, we are not just another salesperson. EPIC agents use a team approach to serving each of our clients. We frequently work together to determine the best insurance fit for each individual and brainstorm as a group to find creative ways of meeting the needs of our clients. We believe in a whole person approach to healthcare. We currently service Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida. If you or someone you know needs assistance in a different area, don’t be afraid to ask us. If we can’t help, we are happy to try and find you someone who can!

Meet Our Team


Kristi Southerland spent the first 10 years of her career in the classroom as a Special Education teacher. Being responsible for an array of different students with varying needs, she understood the importance of creating an individualized plan for every person. She also understands that needs can come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes it is necessary to find creative solutions to unique situations.

In 2013, Kristi decided to take the skills she honed as a teacher into the insurance field. Kristi has spent the last 10 years educating seniors about their Medicare options. She listens to an individual’s concerns and studies their current situation in order to create an individualized plan that best meets their needs. When new challenges arise, Kristi is a true advocate for her clients!


Salena Troy worked as a paralegal in a bankruptcy practice group for 21 years. Her experience in Law and Procedure aided her abilities as a detail-oriented healthcare agent. Salena can think outside of the box for her clients that may have health and even financial challenges. She is creative and innovative in matching her clients to a plan that is most beneficial for them.

Salena is a volunteer consultant with various groups that serve the needs of marginalized seniors and offers her time to those groups both in the Metro Atlanta area as well as in the NE Georgia and Western North Carolina mountains. In addition to supporting seniors of different economic and cultural backgrounds, Salena is also fluent in American Sign Language, and serves deaf seniors both as an advocate and an agent.

Sarah Beth

Sarah Beth understands first-hand how multifaceted your health can be. With a dual degree in Psychology and Health, she truly recognizes how the combination of physical and emotional needs can impact your well-being. Sarah Beth spent 8 years using her background knowledge to work hands on with individuals identifying their strengths and weaknesses. She then used this to create individualized plans to meet their needs and achieve their personal goals.

Since 2020, Sarah Beth has focused her efforts on helping her clients to choose a healthcare option that will empower them to achieve their goals. When she meets with her clients, she listens to what needs and concerns they may have regarding their healthcare, and tailors the plan to the individual. She makes certain you understand and agree on what the best option might be, but also takes the time to explain why something else may NOT be the better fit. Sarah Beth believes in not only healthcare for everyone, but appropriate healthcare for each one!


Shannon spent the past 25 years working in the auto insurance field, with 23 of those years in Information Technology doing everything from business analysis to software development to management. She’s been friends with our founder, Kristi, for many years, so Kristi just knew that Shannon would be a great fit for the EPIC team when she told Kristi she was ready for a change of pace! Shannon is enjoying putting her well-honed analysis skills to work to find the best health insurance plan for EPIC’s clients. She loves that she finally gets to utilize her strengths in a manner that truly helps others.

Jesse Garza


Jesse has been in the insurance business since 2006. With 17 years of experience in the field, he is very knowledgeable regarding individual plans and Medicare options. Jesse assists his clients with applying for additional programs they may qualify for because he believes that helping someone is more than just signing them up for whatever plan they qualify for today. By considering all the details associated with choosing the most appropriate plan for an individual, Jesse turns a complex decision today into the start for a healthier tomorrow.


Josette stumbled upon the EPIC crew at a local training event.  While she already has an established business of her own like many of our other partners and agents, Josette liked the EPIC model and decided to join our team helping individuals with Medicare and Marketplace options.  While EPIC specializes in healthcare, Josette also has experience providing her clients with life insurance options.  If this is something you are considering, we highly recommend letting Josette help you!

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